The Woodside Spirit
The Woodside Spirit

Enriching Lives Through Extraordinary Experiences

We are a values-driven organization, and the Woodside Spirit articulates our heart and soul, and guides our actions, decisions and objectives. It is made up of two parts: our Purpose and our Values.

The Woodside Spirit
Great People / Great Hotels

Since 1972, Woodside Hospitality Group has welcomed guests with genuine, gracious hospitality. Through the dedicated and coordinated efforts of many, we have provided the setting for countless special experiences. Embracing the independent and entrepreneurial spirit of our company’s founding, we deliver service that is thoughtful and generous, hotels that are distinguished, and experiences that are authentically local. Our character is defined by the open-hearted attitude with which we approach our daily responsibilities.


Our Purpose

To enrich people’s lives

We cultivate authentic experiences by providing locally-inspired hospitality that connects people and enriches their lives. We relentlessly pursue this purpose by honoring our four core values.

Our Values

These values embody our culture, spirit and approach to delivering unrivaled hospitality. They keep us aligned and guide our decisions and actions.

We have a welcoming spirit

We are passionate about making people feel special and creating memorable experiences.

We keep it real

Our independent spirit runs deep and our authentic personality shines through.

We make it right

We are responsive, accountable and empowered to deliver on our promises.

We care

We are compassionate, nurturing and respectful towards each other, our guests and our community.

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